Take your practice to the next level

Come experience true flow when you practice yoga on the water! Practicing yoga on a paddleboard brings a whole new perspective to being “fully present in the moment” and experiencing balance in life. When you practice yoga on the water, transitions are slowed and core engagement and proper alignment are emphasized in order to maintain balance amid nature’s changing elements — the board becomes your mat, the birds sing your flow, and the water and wind remind us to have a sense of humor as we explore our yoga journey. Whether new to yoga or an experienced yogi, SUP yoga promises to relax, rejuvenate, and strengthen your body, mind, and spirit as we move through a flow yoga practice on our paddleboards. All asanas (yoga poses) are modifiable to accommodate varying levels of paddlers and yogis!

The practice of yoga on paddleboard creates a sense of being one with nature. They said it best in Chasing Mavericks, “We all come from the sea, but we are not all of the sea. Those of us who are, we children of the tides, must return to it again and again, until the day we don’t come back leaving only that which was touched along the way.”

What can you expect in a SUP yoga class? Watch this to find out!

Our journey on paddleboard, exploring Weedon Island’s mangrove tunnels to quiet lagoons perfect for SUP yoga. Take your practice to the next level at SweetwaterSUPyoga.com

The music is Angel’s Prayer and known to many as the Anusara (means “flowing with grace or nature” or “following your heart”) Invocation. Translation:

I honor the essence of being, the luminous teacher within and without.
Who assumes the forms of reality, consciousness and bliss.
Who is always present and full of peace.
Independent and free, and sparkles with a divine luster.

This is sung at the beginning of class. Namaste, Alicia

Why do paddleboard yoga?

One of my gurus, Nancy McDonald, taught me “you are only as young as your spine is flexible.”  Most people think that they have to be flexible in order to practice yoga, but the intent of the practice is to create flexibility, as well as core strength, improved posture, increased body awareness, and through breathwork, increased lung capacity which helps with sports performance and endurance.  Studies have shown the health benefits of yoga to Continue reading